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    Since people were missing this in both the WTF Are We? area and Community Guidelines post, here it is all on it's own:


    There are very few things that we do not tolerate on this site. We all joke around and we enjoy good company (you!). Sadly, every now and again we must alter our procedures in order to keep order. We have a few rules that will result in immediate expulsion from the the site and any community you may have joined, in addition to making us sad pandas.

    1. Any racist slurs or incredibly insulting comments referencing sexual orientation or other sensitive issues towards another member on this site or in any games that we play while representing ALTTABME, or even just in general. Yes, some of us joke around but there is always a boundary that should never be crossed. If you are repeatedly offended after asking someone to chill or knock it off, LET AN OFFICER KNOW. We will handle any situation accordingly.

    There are certain terms we would strongly prefer you not use, but understand they are ingrained into the gaming culture(e.g., the word for sexual assault, fag, gay). While we do not want to censor you, we ask that you be considerate and mindful of your use of these terms, as they are don't need to be how we portray ourselves.)

    If you use a word that has been flagged <READ THE ToS> will show in it's place. There is only two words banned and those are; the word for sexual assault and the more abrasive derogatory term for homosexual.

    Want to know more about how we stand on this and why?
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