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    My favorite thing to do in UO is design houses.

    Design Portfolio

    Yew Vendor House:
    1st try

    2nd try

    Player town House:

    Other houses I have designed:

    A commissioned house for @Doomsayer

    He wanted something Homely but rough around the edges. So we stuck with the castle interior and materials but gave it some balconies for flowers and rooms for hanging out as well as an outdoor area to relax.

    DO IT YOURSELF Simple House

    Holiday Themed Warm Home with Hearth:

    Enjoy, maybe you will get some ideas for your own boats!

    Pirate Bay:

    A shipyard with boat and bar:

    Castle Black:

    This is the second house design video. Trying to make a winter castle out of two houses. Called it Castle Black

    Older Designs:

    Marble Rune Library:

    Pirate Ship and tavern:

    I can also help decorate if you like:

    No Job is too small:

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