Treesize the BEST disk management system EVER

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    Thanks to EuchaleEuchale for this find. Many of us have now used it and love it. So it needed a thread.

    You can get it here:

    Columns-View.png Columns-Options.png Columns.png Tree.png Columns-Filter.png Columns-Filter-Preview.png

    The freeware can be started from the context menu of a folder or drive and shows you the size of this folder, including its subfolders in an Explorer-like fashion. Large folders can be identified at a glance thanks to the gradient bar displayed in the background. All scan results can be drilled down to file level and filters, e.g. for files of a certain type, can be applied. TreeSize Free will even scan smartphones and mobile devices.
    TreeSize Free scans network drives and locally synchronized cloud shares (except on Windows servers and within a Windows domain) - just like TreeSize Personal!
    The column view presents more detailed information for each file and folder. Here you will find the size or number of files as well as the last access date and the owner (and other useful facts).
    On touchscreen devices (Windows 8 and higher) you can switch to the intuitive touch interface for even easier navigation.
    Scan results can be broken down with the flexible filter feature. You can use the filters, for example, to find files of a certain type, such as temporary files, text files or images and use this information to clean up your hard disks.
    TreeSize Free works on the MFT (Master File Table) and reaches extremely high scan speeds. Scanning operations run in a thread, so you will see results almost instantly while TreeSize Free is working in the background. The Explorer context menu and drag & drop operations are supported within the application.
    TreeSize Free can display the NTFS compression rate and apply the NTFS compression to directory branches.

    Start up TreeSize Free as an Administrator to calculate the size of all folders - even directories for which you do not have access permission. Since the content of the files will not be read automatically during this procedure, Windows security and data privacy remain guaranteed.
    Take a look at the advanced analysis and management functions of TreeSize Professional.
    TreeSize Free is freeware for Windows XP and upwards.
    Users of Windows 2000 can download the last compatible version (TreeSize Free V2.4) here.
    Users of Windows 9x/ME can download the last compatible version (TreeSize Free V2.1) here.

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    Other useful software/Websites:
    Will install a ton of different programs in one go, without bothering you with installing toolbars, crap- and malware. Slight minus point for installing everything on C: still a great tool to do it.

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