So your boss is a dick, well do something about it

Discussion in 'Rants' started by tr1age, Aug 10, 2018.

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    I am going to write a book "So your boss is a dick, well do something about it"

    The rage people get when they are told their employer may not have their best interests in mind, baffles me. Of course your conglomerate cooperation doesn't give a shit if you pump the gas well or not, as long as you pump it. They need your to make their machine run. But alas, we sit there, we moan about our jobs, but we do nothing, because doing something means we admit that "one day if we follow this metaphorical right of passage path" we won't have to deal with this and we can boss around the next guy to sit in this seat.

    So we wait and we watch and we rot in a system designed to work you til you are old and cannot work anymore, with no regard for your personal life or self.

    But don't tell someone they need to take action to make change, because the reaction will be similar to when a person cuts over 3 lanes of traffic no signal, you honk is desperation that they don't hit you and as you drive past them shaking from the moment still they honk at you with rage in their eyes pissed that you had the gall to use your horn.

    There is no logic here.

    If your boss is such a dick, stop working for them, shit organize everyone stops working for them. Problem is there is always someone who thinks they are special and they can endure and they can work the system. So as a humanity we cannot organize to remove the air that they need... "us". Because a boss can only be a dick if they have someone to boss.

    In summary:
    I am tired of people's complacency to enforce "rules" and "laws" they don't actually understand just because this is "how it is".

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