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    So we are an RP PvP Server.


    What does this mean?

    Rules of Engagement:

    • There is NO KoS unless engaged in a clan war or raid. YOU MUST CHAT either in TEXT or VOIP before engagement.
    • Offline Raiding is currently not allowed. You must declare war via a post on this forum and schedule a time for the attack that works for both sides. A minimum of 2 players must be online for both sides. (if one side tries to stall we will step in and give you permission to raid regardless)
    • You must interact with a player before attacking, this does not mean "give me your shit or I kill you" this means come up with a reason for what you want or what your interaction is based on location, characters, looks, gods, etc.
    • You do NOT need to get super role play or say "Thou will now be slain, evil doer!" Although you could... haha, but this is just to make interactions way more interesting and engaging rather than feeling like grief.
    • Blocking other player establishments just to grief and not for tactical reason is not allowed.
    • The easiest way to start an interaction is to either A: Ask for help B: Demand an item from that player, giving them time to get it for you before killing.
    • New Life Rule: If you die in a fight, when you respawn you cannot go and hunt that player, as you are now a "new player" and do not remember them in the roleplay sense. After 10 minutes feel free to go back into the fray!
    We understand PvP is awesome and fun, but it is not Awesome and Fun when you are running around a newbie zone killing freshies and just killing people with 100 mobs on them. This is on the honor system. If we hear too many complaints and have video proof we will take action.

    In-Game Rules


    • It is illegal to: Exploit the Server in any way, including Denial of Service, mechanic exploits, unauthorized access to accounts not belonging to you, etc.
    • Imitate any Staff Members.
    • Advertise other servers, both in game and on the Forums except where permitted.

    Staff Interaction
    • Do not message or ask staff to give handouts or hold events.
    • Under no circumstances will staff return lost items. Game play is at your own risk. (only exception is a known bug with the official game devs that can be proven happened via video)
    • Do not message to swear, insult or argue with staff.
    • Do not message staff in game to complain about Mechanics that you dislike. There is a suggestions and feedback section on the forums.
    Exploitation of Bugs
    • Exploiting any bug is against the rules. This includes bugs that are beneficial or not beneficial.
    • Accepting or possession of bugged items is against the rules.
    • Unattended resource gathering is against the rules
      • Your first infraction: all resources will be removed from your account as there is no way to distinguish between AFK gathered and normally gathered.
      • Second time you will receive a 48 hour ban.
      • Third time a permanent ban.
    • It is legal to: Trap players within a house as long as you interact with the player and demand something for release. (work for time etc)
    • Scams are allowed as long as they do not involve the use of a bug. It is up to the player to inform and protect themselves. Scamming using Discord or the Forums will result in a warning and items returned to the scammed player. Multiple offenses will result in a ban.

    Events and Handouts
    • Events are held at the discretion of the staff. No event guarantees a prize nor are staff members required to give one.
    • Do not message for events.
    • Server handouts are given by senior staff at their discretion. Events, holidays and other occasions do not guarantee a server handout.
    • Server handouts can be removed by server administrators at any time. Buy, sell and trade these items at your own risk. Do not message regarding handouts.
    Harassment and Spam
    • Racism will not be tolerated.
      • Character names with curses, racism, or otherwise objectionable words may be changed.(strictly enforced, we want to keep immersion)
      • Guild Names cannot be racist (Within the Staff discretion).
      • Due to the large player-base, language and profanity is not monitored. Please use the ignore feature if a player is bothering you. However racism and overly excessive harassment in game are actionable.
      • Racist material, wording (other than speech) or symbols used in game will be removed.
    Cross Server Recruitment
    • Recruiting members to join your server will result in an instant ban and all characters being deleted.
    • Bashing AltTabMe in a public forum will result in a 24 hour ban and if it continues will result in loss of your accounts.
    These rules are subject to change at any time. A news announcement will be posted on the homepage along with any other news to inform you of rule changes. It is your responsibility as a member of this community to be aware of any and all rules.
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