IMPORTANT Respect and Taking Responsibility for Self

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    It has been brought to my attention that the internet semblance of anonymity is still giving way for people to treat others without respect. Now I understand the idea of poking at someone or being sarcastic, however, you need to realize we are all people and over time if you continue to poke the bear the bear will either bite back or maturely walk away.

    Neither of which we find to be acceptable outcomes here at AltTabMe. We are a place people can come to unwind from their day, say stupid shit, and embrace pop culture and gaming culture minus the racial slurs and bigotry. If that is not something you want, you are welcome to find somewhere else to go, but what I would rather see, is people taking responsibility for their own actions and being aware of "online harassment". Yes it is actually existent in our own community. The difference however is that we will pull aside the members involved and put it forefront, in their face, and not allow for it to continue, hopefully reaching a happy medium for both people or having to executive step in to make a decision on who stays and who goes.

    We have let this site grow and develop over the years with this idea intact and we have had our ups and downs throughout. I just wanted to make a quick reminder however, it is still important for us to be kind to one another and respectful. This INCLUDES the chat box.(there are logs kept, so trust me it isn't a place to just say anything and hope it is forgotten or unable to be brought back up if there is an issue.) This is not a big brother approach but a way to address issues as they arise quickly and with facts versus hear say.

    So what I am asking is that everyone takes a good hard look at how they are treating other members of AltTabMe and think, "If this was happening to me on a constant basis, would I stick around."

    As always if there is an issue, please bring it up with an admin or community officer before you reach the tipping point so there isn't a ton of shit to bring into light that may not have been known to all parties. That part is your responsibility, ours is to help if need be. Remember we are here to unwind after work, not wind people up.

    "Handle yo' shit" was an old catch phrase, but it doesn't mean do it alone. It means handle issues as they come up and don't let them get you overwhelmed. We all fuck up, step on toes, or push hot buttons here and there. Just make sure to address them as they arise so it can be known to all involved rather than pushing one another away.
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