Maroo iPad 2 Case Promotional Shots

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    "Supreme functionality and protection for even the most rugged users"

    When we first ran across we were impressed with the features of this new iPad 2 case, magnetic cover, suede interior, designer prints, great quality, but more than supreme functionality and protection for even the most rugged users, we were most impressed with its ability to match our shoes! got it right here. Our gadgets are becoming as important as the clothes we wear, as we bring them with us everywhere, so what better to protect your iPad 2 and express your style than some designer cases from!?

    These are just two of the possible designs at an affordable price offers. We put them in the hands of some local skateboarders to really test out the protection. And they held up to the test. These guys love to "Bert Slide" and lets just say, the cases really need to hold up to this. Check out the images below!


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