REVIEW iPhone 6s Powerless Egg Portable Amplifier REVIEW

Discussion in 'Mobile Life' started by tr1age, Nov 9, 2015.

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    This thing is awesome! The easter bunny had a tough time pushing this baby out, but I am glad it did. Cause netflix and the bathtub have never been so rewarding. I no longer have to be drowned out by the bath filling up as I listen to the next episode of The Arrow or House of Cards. Instead I can hear everything super clear this waterproof amplifier for my phone. I can keep the case on the phone and just get more sound through the magic of physics. Check out the video for more details!

    No brainer for on location places you need a louder sound and don't have power!

    Watch the video. Seriously. This thing is amazing. I was doubtful going into this. I am completely sold now. Amazing.

    I am not affiliated with this company and was sent this item for my unbiased review.
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