Gaming Food! Easy... Fast.. HEALTHY???!?

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    So I have noticed a lot of people with their prep packages for the Guild Wars 2 Beta weekend marathon.
    I also noticed a lot of them using "Need Energy" and "Budget" for reasons to buy Sodas and Frozen Pizza.

    Unfortunately an unbalanced diet can actually have the opposite effect on the body especially for long hours like this, and will make you tired, have headaches, and lethargic. And the last thing you want to say to your WvW mates is "Sorry dude I was feeling lethargic, that is why you died and have to walk across the map again..."


    Oh and a budget eh? Check these out:

    dashboard-1.jpeg dashboard-2.jpeg dashboard-3.jpeg dashboard-4.jpeg dashboard-5.jpeg dashboard-6.jpeg dashboard.jpeg
    Also this is much more natural and will give your body the proper nutrients it needs!​

    So here is the Health AND affordable alternatives to Sodas and Junk food that will keep you on your fingertips and feeling great all weekend, that is if you don't get back cronic right under the neck shoulderish area on the right or left of your back, back pain often from leaning over a computer... SUNOVA!!! Anyway, my issues aside here is what I do!

    First you need to go shopping!

    I bought some chicken breasts(drip some oil on em, some salt, and some pepper, heat oven to 350 and let sit for 45 minutes. EAT) frozen vegetables(your choice, instructions are microwave for 8 minutes, then eat), and of course some fruit for natural sugars and protein!(ENERGY)

    photo 1.JPG

    Second you will need an hour or two MAX to prep a few meals that will last the entire weekend. Just put them in a Tupperware and into the fridge. When you want it, microwave til toasty!

    photo 1 copy.JPG

    Chicken is a great example of something that will taste good and is simple to cook, while also staying good in the fridge for a few days. Combine this with the frozen veggies and you have a quick healthy meal! Who cares how extravagant it is, you are GAMING THIS WEEKEND, your eating is just a trivial necessity.


    I even got ya covered if you don't want to clean, the pan is covered in the disposable tin foil and the cutlery is plastic and paper!

    Now if you ITALIAN like me, you need a SUNDAY MEAL. Well I am not gonna go into the prep and ingredients but cook time on this is 45 minutes and depending on the amount, can be frozen and or put in the fridge and will last for days if not a month frozen!

    photo 2.JPG

    And when I wanna eat it, I will heat it in the microwave, toss some pasta in a pot and done 15 minutes flat. Enough time for my friends to have level up to 80!!! I think not!

    But that was a little extravagant so lets say you are Irish(sucker) and you don't want pasta and gravy.

    What are some great things you can grab at a moments notice to keep you going?!


    photo 2 copy.JPG

    All of these are super healthy, from Yam chips, to Smart Puffs(taste just like cheetos without the gunk), popcorn, trail mix, almonds, and some snackwells for good measure. You can also have yogurts, peanut butter and apples, or maybe peanut butter and celery sticks ready in the fridge!

    If all else fails, get some almond milk and some cereal. I find smart start to be really tasty(but kinda pricey).

    Greek frozen yogurt is also a great option for a desert snack. Low of calories and actually pretty damn good for you!

    photo 4 copy.JPG

    I know this looks weird, but an alternative to ice cream can be frozen bananas! They are really tasty like this and taste just like banana flavored ice cream. Just don't attempt to eat in public, can be embarrassing... moving on.

    photo 3 copy.JPG

    Want a quick Lunch type meal? (Tuna, lettuce, a pickle, a tomato, and carrot sticks) doesn't get faster or easier than this!

    photo 5.JPG

    Well there ya have it. Inexpensive, healthy, and QUICK food you can make this beta weekend to keep your energy up and belly down.

    Here are a couple of the more extravagant meals if you wanted to get creative. Each only taking an hour to prepare(yams are really easy and tasty, bake em or nuke em):

    photo 4.JPG photo 3.JPG
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    I agree with this post 100%. My only thing is, I live with my Italian parents. I'm not ashamed of living with my parents while being heavily in debt with college loans and just starting a new job. The great thing is, I still have home cooked meals and leftovers constantly. I only buy snacks and beer because I always have healthy food accessible. So yeah. NO SHAME for being a fat drunk while living with my parents.
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    Oh, and investing in a Rice Cooker with a steaming veggies plate is a relatively healthy / cheap alternative move as well. So are air popping popcorn machines (just a little oil and salt, I'm not a butter guy). Best investments while in college.
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    I have it bad. I work overnight, live alone, and game. Therefore I am a lazy bastard and tend to choose not to cook more often than not.

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