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    Welcome to the Conan Exiles Server!
    We are playing on: AltTabMe
    An RP PvP Server

    Mission Statement:

    Another Private Server… yay…. *half hazzard party blower sound*

    What makes AltTabMe different? Well let’s focus less on gameplay for one second and more on atmosphere.

    We have run a community for over 10 years and in those years we have learned a lot, good and bad, but ultimately, it now moderates itself. There are homosexual people debating with hardcore Christians and right wings with left, all with respect for each other as humans. Why? Because in the end we are all unified by one overarching theme: We LOVE gaming. And what do we want to do after a long day of work? Not bitch and moan or discord pvp to make the long work day longer and an environment that is toxic. We want to game with one another. We want people to take responsibility for themselves, put egos aside, and use the game as the escape. This game allows you to be so many different things, let your imagination run wild!

    So that is our opening, we will point in the direction of a mature server, until the server itself goes that direction, moderating itself from there, trying to weed out Shard hoppers, discord pvpers, homophobes, and people who half the time don’t even understand the words coming out of their mouth.

    Does it sound restrictive and against your first amendment rights? Maybe. But if you are using in game mechanics and playing Conan Exiles for what it is meant to be, a free form open world MMO Sandbox, then you won’t ever have to worry about it. Your time will be spent in game bettering your experience and characters, not bitching everytime you get PK’d or don’t like how a battle panned out on a forum or chat service.

    That is what we aim for and that is what we will encourage. Will this post bring trolls, most likely, but they will be weeded out quick, you bet.

    A Community that encourages each other

    • It is important to us to create a safe place to come unwind and play after a long day of work. We have a Zero Tolerance policy for whatever semblance of internet anonymity you are grasping onto that makes you become a bully beyond gameplay mechanics.

    But most importantly...

    • Come check it out for yourself. It isn’t about making everything NEW but making those Quality of Life tweaks and keeping the world exciting, while continuing to move the game forward. This is afterall a sandbox MMO, time for less hand holding and more server wide events run by YOU the players. We give you the tools, you make the experience what you want it to be. (and if we can we will give you more tools if your ideas are beneficial to the server).

    We hope you enjoy your stay at AltTabMe and we can’t wait to see you, and we can’t stress this enough, IN GAME!


    We are playing on: AltTabMe
    An RP PvP Server Hosted by WafflezzbuttWafflezzbutt !! Thanks man!

    64 man

    Here is how to connect the EASY WAY if you cannot find AltTabMe under the PVP tab in game server selection:




    Right click AltTabMe and hit CONNECT! Done!


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    And if you want to log in through the game, choose pvp servers then all. When the server list pops up look for AltTabMe (caps matter) or just Alt and it should pop up.

    I did have the problem though that the server list didn't want to populate and I had to refresh over and over to see the server.

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