The Vaping Experience The not so "Flawless" Tug Tank from Gigue Review w/ Ceramic Coil

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    This review is longer than our normal ones because we thought it was important to show you how much we struggled during this review ultimately ending up with an unusable tank before we could even finish!

    So this is a review for the not so "Flawless" Tug Tank from Gigue.

    As you may or may not know we are extremely honest in our reviews, good or bad. We believe this is really important for those new to vaping to see, so they know what to avoid when first starting out when trying to quit smoking by making the switch to vaping. It would be terrible to drop 45+ dollars on something that will not help you quit but could quite possibly turn you off to changing over in general.

    P.S. My hands are literally filled with slices from struggling with that top fill, the corners are really sharp and I didn't notice until after, that it cut my hands up... I would really love to have an open conversation with the creators here about this experience.

    So with that, here it is.

    We always want to approach reviews differently than your run of the mill unboxing and pro/cons section, while not leaving it out for the enthusiast or leaving behind the beginning vaper. We hope this helps!

    We also wanted to thank you all for the continued to support and we promise to keep this channel honest and true to why we started it. To help people make the switch from smoking to vaping in hopes that it truly is a better alternative to cigarettes!

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    Sold by Flawless Distribution
    Although I would highly recommend you hold off on purchasing one of these any time soon.

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