Poll: Every 2 weeks on Saturday RP Engagement Rules Off - KoS Allowed

Discussion in 'All the Games!' started by tr1age, Feb 7, 2017.


Do you want a FFA Day?

  1. OMG that sounds awesome! Every two weeks on Saturday!

  2. No Thanks

  3. Yes but do it every Saturday!

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  1. tr1age

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    So we have been throwing this idea around in the background:
    Every 2 weeks on Saturday for the entire day, the server RP engagement rules for killing another player are null and the entire world is savage meaning you can KoS anyone you come across. This does not mean base sieges, only player killing.

    This could help break things up a bit and lead to some cool raiding parties around the world of players who are looking for some "let off some steam" pvp.

    Let us know what you think!
  2. Simpwn

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    I welcome the bi-weekly purge.
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