GW2 Pink Day in GW2 - Server Event Arcanix Will Be Hosting

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    Hello Everyone!

    It is that wonderful time of year again when we gather together ingame and get in touch with our Pink Sides! ( For a great cause!)​

    Pink Day in La will not only be in Guild Wars 1 this year---but Guild Wars 2, Rift, League of Legends and Firefall as well!​

    However-- we can't forget where Pink Day began and that is in the Guild Wars community.​

    Here are the details for this year:​


    5 years ago a group of gamers got together and decided that wearing Pink in game was a great way to support, remember and create awareness about Breast Cancer Research- Fast Forward to today- We believe that wearing Pink can do all these things AND help to find a cure, with your help! Gamers love missions and quests - so here is your mission: Help us create awareness about all types of Cancer and help us fight to find a cure!


    OCTOBER 20th - 12pm- 6pm Central Time (-6 GMT)​




    Radio Stream


    (Did you know that Gamer's Giving Back has a brand new website to help you promote your good deeds in Gaming Communities? Check it out at

    Guild Wars 1

    International Districts 1, 2 and 3 of Lion's Arch​

    Guild Wars 2

    ** Since GW 2 is so new and Guesting has not be implemented yet- we have come up with a strategy to make sure that everyone can participate to the fullest. We really want people to be able to participate- so out of the the meeting today we have a possible 9 servers that are prepared to be hosted for the actual ingame event. Details are as follows -- so far. Servers and Details are subject to change based on changes over the next month. (Thanks for your patience)​

    Remember ~ LA = Lion's Arch

    Hosted Servers = Events will be planned for the server-but other servers are welcome to be Pink in Lion's Arch with their own events based on guild/alliance discretion (Hosts listed in Pink - ? means still confirming)

    Henge of Denravi (NA)

    Malibu Barbie + GW-EN Krewe

    ESP Guild/Alliance

    Ethereal Dawn [SLKR]



    Underworld (EU)

    IGN - l Black Spike l (contact to help out here - from

    Nocturnal Guild



    Desolation (EU)

    PTM from

    Skill Worrior from



    Dragonbrand (NA)

    Eternal Clarity [Ankh]

    (Main Contacts - The Exempt Warrior or Tine Sionnach)

    A Variety of Guilds and Players (TBA)

    Gunnar's Hold (EU)

    PC Gamer Guild

    The Intiative



    Stormbluff Isle (NA)


    Jade Quarry (NA)

    [TWIT] and GWGuru2

    (Kvinna and Lady Verene main contacts here)
    The Pink Animal Clan [Pink]

    The Acolytes

    Darkhaven (NA)**​

    ** Need new volunteers here** 2/10 atm
    Serine Tempest is Main Contact if you wish to volunteer here

    Sanctum of Rall (NA)

    NICE Alliance

    (Main Contact - Ursa Ventura from

    Blood of the Martyr [Hope]




    Aurora Glade(EU) and Friends

    Gate of Madness(NA)

    Radiance Brotherhood

    Isle of Janthir(NA)

    True Zen Artists of Rawrfare (TZAR)

    Andy and Friends

    Tarnished Coast(NA)

    COTC Guild




    with friends

    Northern Shiverpeaks(NA)

    Celebrities Guild [VIP]

    Mikesi from

    Elona Reach [DE] **​

    Only 1 volunteer here so far--but can be a possibility if other attend the meeting on October 13th on GW-EN Ventrilo :)

    J K is the only volunteer here so far. (Thanks for showing initiative! )

    Ehmry Bay(NA)

    Relics of Orr and friends


    Devonas Rest(NA)

    The Seekers of the Holy Grail Guild

    Alex is the main contact here

    Baruch Bay [SP]**

    Only 1 volunteer here so far:


    Please contact Rhonda is you can volunteer here - would love to have a Spanish Server onboard!

    Black Gate(NA)


    Fort Aspenwood(NA)

    Byte My Asura(byte)

    Mrs Southern Belle and friends

    Yak's Bend(NA)

    Arcanix of ALTTABME.COM Contact Triage for info.​

    Only 1 volunteer here so far - please contact Rhonda if you are interested in helping out!

    Crystal Desert(NA)

    Knock Out [KO]



    Eredon Terrace(NA)

    Team Legacy - Freelancer is main contact here

    ** These servers need more volunteers - Please email Rhonda at if you are willing to join the hosting with that server**

    For a server to be active for hosting for Pink Day in LA- they need a dedicated 10 volunteers to be trained on the Ingame events that are to be carried out. Please email Rhonda (Malibu Barbie) at if your guild, alliance and/or website is interested in hosting a different server that is not listed above. Details are still being worked on, but 10 is the amount needed for the 6 hours of the event.

    Rift, League of Legends and Firefall will not have specifics but will be encouraging players to wear pink. The prizes for these games will be given out via Donation Prizes, Twitter/Facebook Giveaways that day and/or on-air :)


    On-air Prizes

    The Gaming World Entertainment Network will be hosting an on-air show that day with song dedications, interviews and prizes! Tune in via

    • GW 1 Obsidian Armor
    • GW 1 Vabbian Armor
    • 1 Kuunavang Prize Pack for GW 1
    • GW 2 T-Shirt Costime Codes - 2
    • LoL Skin Codes (Grave and Sona Arcade)
    • 1 League of Legends Poster
    • Rift/End of Nations Skin Codes/Exclusive Items
    • Rift/End of Nations T-Shirts
    • Choice of Pink Dyes (from Rosa Salvitas)
    • 2 Pink Moa Minis
    • Ectos (Both for GW 1 and 2)
    ** Again this list is to be updated over the next few weeks as we are awaiting prize confirmations and working out details of GW 2 ingame prizes**

    In-Game Prizes and Activities

    Guild Wars 1

    All 3 districts will have in-game trivia on Trade Chat and active caterers with extra goodies for your titles​

    Prizes are so far including and not limited to:​

    • Rare Minipets
    • Ectos
    • Zkeys
    • Armor Sets
    • Armor Remnants
    • Hall of Monument Weapons
    • Title Track Consumables
    **and more**​

    (Basically we want to help people get those Hall of Monuments full)​

    Guild Wars 2

    • The Pink Day in La Poker Rally - Details to be announced closer to the event with prizes as well
    There will be 1 winner from each server and all those names go into a draw for the prizes
    • The Ultimate Diving Board Competition
    Rewards will be completely random based on the "expertise" of our judges -hehe
    • Crafting Competition ( For all Areas)
    On-air- there will be a list of items that people need to craft for their areas- the first person to send them to the designated area will be rewarded with a prize.

    The Crafting Competition will be open to all Servers whether they are hosted or not- as the result will be mail to a said HOST via's on-air stream.

    Donation Prizes

    (We will be posting pictures of all the prizes on the main website soon)

    • Logitech G600 Mouse
    • 1 - Minnie Mouse drawing by a Disney Artist--dedicated to Pink Day in La with Autograph
    • 2 Oswald "Ears" Hats
    • 2 Charr Plushies
    • 10 GW 2 T-Shirts (6 Grey GW 2 Style and 4 Rytlock Artwork Designed)
    • 5 Artwork of Guild Wars 2 Books
    • Warface Hats
    • Pink Day in La Pjs (Choice of Men or Womens)
    • Pink Day in La T-Shirt
    • Gamer's Giving Back T-Shirt
    • 2 FireFall Hoodies
    • 2 Firefall T-Shirts
    • 1 Razer Water Bottle and Hat
    • 1 Assassin's Creed 3 - 3D Artwork
    • Red Roots CD Pack (see for details on this band)
    • Rift and End of Nation's T-Shirts ( New and Old from PAX)
    • League of Legend's T-Shirt
    • Guild Wars 2 Water Bottle and GW 1 Random Pins
    **More Prizes to be added as we receive them - some are in the mail and not quite sorted out!**


    Donations can be made here:​



    Please include your IGN (In-Game Name) with your donation if you are contributing. This will be helpful for us when it comes to the prize drawing list. All people who donate will have a set of prizes that they have a chance to win for contributing! What you need to do:

    *Multiple donations of more than $10 are only counted as one entry for the raffle.

    ** If you donated to the team page rather than the Pink Day page, DON'T FRET. You can still e-mail a number in and it still goes to the Canadian Cancer Society!

    • Post your IGN along with your real name (optional) when donating. (IF you do not play Guild Wars/Guild Wars 2, make sure your name is included as some of the prizes are NOT in-game items )

    • E-mail with a number from 1-1000. If duplicate numbers are chosen, we will keep picking prizes from the list until we move on to the next number selected! *

    • If you are selected as a winner, you will be contacted via the e-mail used to select your number. If the prize needs to be mailed to your home, you will need to, at this time, provide your address.
    Want to help spread the word?

    Download our Media Kit and Post stuff on YOUR Website about the event!​

    Like Gamer's Giving Back on Facebook!​

    Follow Us!​

    Want to stay up 24 hours (8am Central-8am Central) with us and do even more amazing things? Join our Extra Life team the same day and help raise money for the Children's Hospitals :D

    Details are here:

    Be sure to check back often for updates and other information!

    Once again we want to thank all Video Gamers for their support with our Gamer's Giving Back intiative!​

    See you in game!​

    Rhonda aka M A L I B U Barbie and the GGB Krewe


    Concept Art created by Lead Concept Artist Jamie Ro at Arenanet. (Used with Permission)

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  2. Keleynal

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    When is the blue day for prostate awareness?
  3. Raene Droppe

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    I'll be there with pink on!

    And that's a fair point, Keleynal. Prostate cancer is just as important but sadly we've missed it's awareness month (September) so perhaps we should make plans to have a Blue Day next September! :D
  4. Gyoin

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    This is absolutely fantastic. This is the GW2 community and exactly what we are here to be a part of.
  5. Waldemar

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    I'll be there with my dispicable pink horned norn
  6. ShewhoShallNotBeNamed

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    YAAAAAAAY! We're repping our server! GO ARX! ^^
  7. Keleynal

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    Unfortunately, I don't get home until after 6pm central and can usually play starting closer to 9. I'll don some pink duds and traipse through the countryside though.
  8. MyLittlePony

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    Poster Of Month

    I shall start my collection of pink dyes!
  9. Ultra CHEZ

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    My ferocious Charr is really an activist on the inside. Glad that I get to be apart of this.
  10. Zevrix

    Zevrix Woof

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    Dammit. I'll be driving all day (moving). I probably won't even be done by the time the event's over. And that night I might be partying, since it's my 30th birthday. *ponywahh:

    I really wanted to be involved in it, since my mom is still going through the aftermath of breast cancer. fuck my life.

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