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Discussion in 'Mobile Life' started by tr1age, Nov 9, 2015.

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    So I can't say I can give this a full 4 or 5 star review and here is why:


    Extremely strong wire, no worries about breaking it. (also a con shown below)
    Save yourself a dentist bill by not dropping your phone on your mouth when in bed.
    Has a long extension.


    Looks like a medical supply. Poor color choice with the blue and white.
    Extremely difficult to stretch out one handed to your position on the bed when laying down.
    Extremely hard to put back into position when you don't want it over your head in bed.
    No quick way to push it to the side.
    Because the wire is so tight the grip will slide off the table or move the table unless it is a very heavy desk, DO NOT ATTACH TO IKEA SIDE TABLES.
    The clamp itself often hits the power or volume rockers causing your phone to drain battery.

    It works in terms of holding your phone without you needing to hold it. Could it be better, YES, could it be more aesthetically pleasing, YES, Is it just a very strong piece of metal attached to a desk clamp, yup. Not much innovation for the end user here.

    I am not affiliated with this company and was sent this item for my unbiased review. Here are the results.

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