D&D 5e - Content Drop 1: The Founding of Telera, the Sacrifice of Luthor, and The Jorvariate Council

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    See http://alttabme.com/forum/index.php...aign-introductions-and-continental-map.5549/\
    For context:

    The Founding Telera

    The City of Telera, Heart of Tavros, Crown of the World. The city is the metropolis of​
    the Tavrosian empire. Spanning the entirety of the Gozran planes, the city of Telera is​
    seated along the edge of the Fohteran ocean. Legend says: that 500 years prior, King​
    Tavros the Divine led his people thousands of miles across the vast continent of Naeth,​
    looking for only the most suitable land for his people. After a long journey,​
    King Tavros chose his location: the mighty lake Tenzin.​
    People were concerned, choosing a body of water as the foundation of their city was truly​
    a sign that their beloved king had gone mad from the long and arduous journey. Being a​
    devout worshipper of Gozreh, King Tavros the Divine ASKED his goddess to grant his​
    people the lake bed as the soil for his new empire. He told the goddess that only a spot​
    protected and nurtured by HIS goddess could possibly be good enough for his people.​
    Overcome with flattery by the gesture, it is said that Gozreh herself descended from the​
    heavens, taking on the form of a golden Deer. Legend says that the Deer drained the lake​
    dry with one single gulp, leaving behind the most fertile land ever settled and enough fish​
    to feed the entirety of the king’s people for months. This new plot of land was renamed​
    the Gozran planes and was the location in which the city of Telera was founded, right​
    along the edge of the Fohteran ocean. The city quickly became the trade hub of the​
    world. King Tavros the Divine, being a brilliant man, knew that the location would make​
    Telera the mid-point for all trade that would ever take place over the mighty oceans,​
    providing a much needed re-supply point for weary sea vessels making the trek through​
    the Abysmal Reaches. This fact made Telera the wealthiest city in the world, and its’​
    people flourished for it. Formerly located at the bottom of lake Tenzin, the newly​
    cultivated farm land of Telera produced fruits and vegetables of such taste and quantity,​
    that starvation in cities on the other side of the continent started to become a thing of the​
    past. Mineral deposits like gold and silver were found in such quantities, that it was as​
    common to see buildings made of precious metals as it was wood. Soon afterwards, a​
    never before seen blue ore was discovered deep below the former lake. This blue ore​
    would be used to forge a steel that shined with the glow of the ocean. It was named​
    Gozran Steel, after the goddess Gozreh, and made Telera the epicenter of Metallurgical​
    research. Upon its discovery, King Tavros the Divine commissioned the construction of​
    the Temple of Gozreh. While there were many throughout the vast city of Telera, this​
    temple would sit at the heart of Telera and would be constructed entirely of the newly​
    discovered Gozran steel, as a gift to the goddess Gozreh herself. It is said that upon its​
    completion, Gozreh was so awestruck by the beauty of the temple, that she once again​
    descended to greet King Tavros, this time in the form of a beautiful young women, and it​
    was on this day that his son, Tavros the Second, was consummated. Upon his death years​
    late, it is said that King Tavros the Divine was visited one last time by the Goddess​
    Gozreh, and was granted the gift of Angelic Immortality. King Tavros the Divine had​
    become one of the few chosen of humanity to become a Solar, an ever-vigilant guardian​
    of the deities.​
    The Sacrifice of Luthor
    Many years later, during the reign of King Tavros the Second, a mighty Balor was​
    threatening the realm. Already having consumed the nearby cities, it was left to Telera​
    to hold back the darkness. Just as the legions of demon spawn were about to breach the​
    gates of Telera, Luthor, an Angel of Man, descended from the heavens and rallied the​
    Teleran forces to push back the filth spawn. The fight between the mighty angel and​
    the Balor Lord was so intense, and caused so much collateral damage, that it is said that​
    Luthor, fearing the lives of the brave soldiers of Telera, transported himself and the Evil​
    Balor Lord, to a cavern hollowed out far below the Gozran planes, far below the city. It​
    was upon this spot that Luthor slayed the mighty Balor Lord, but his victory came at a​
    terrible cost. Luthor was mortally wounded. With his last reserves, and dying breath, he​
    conjured the Lumina Stones. The Lumina stones would protect Telera from evil for all​
    of time, and would ensure that the city would never again be breached by the forces of​
    evil again. In honor of Luthor’s great sacrifice, the people of Telera constructed the Great​
    Citadel. The citadel was aptly named the Jewel of Luthor, and was made entirely of white​
    gold. It is said to extend all the way from the top of the clouds, to the very spot where​
    Luthor’s body remains, permanently in vigil over the precious Lumina Stones. No man​
    has ever been allowed to enter the chamber of the stones, out of fear that their presence​
    would tarnish the perfection and sully the sacrifice of Luthor.​
    The Jorvariate Council
    It has been 500 years since the founding of Telera, over 100 years since the demise of​
    the Balor Lord, and the sacrifice of Luthor, and good has prevailed throughout the land​
    of Telera. King Tavros the Third, with his new bride Queen Havella of Taverdaam, reign​
    over the people of Telera today. Through his leadership, kindness, and brilliance, the​
    city is as prosperous today as it was on its founding. Blessed with long life, the children​
    of Tavros the Divine have been faithful to their forefather’s rule, and have kept Telera​
    as the Crown of the World. The Tavros blood line can be found even within the mighty​
    Jorvariate, a council that resides over all matters of interest within the realm of Naeth. It​
    consists of King Tavros the third of Telera, King Demevor the Seventh of Desparwood,​
    Queen Jewlevra of Morvaria, and King Taskerville of Haverstead. The council also​
    includes Prince Feller of Telera, head of the Inquisition, Prince Kenlin of Telera, head​
    of the Immortals, High Priest Jorvaskr, and finally, Lord Vaskr-Hedgemony, head of the​
    Smithing and Trade Triumvirate. These men rule over all matters of importance within​
    the realm of Naeth, and their decisions effect the lives of over 1 billion citizens.​
    This is the 142nd year of the Lumina Era, the Age of Sarenrae, and the year of your influence.​
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    This is the first of what I am hoping to be many many many content drops for the upcoming D&D campaign which has yet to be titled.

    I will be posting many tidbits to expand on the universe and to introduce everyone to the many aspects of this world.

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