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    I freely admit that I never actually played Glitch, but I was glad it existed and sad at the people who never even had the chance to play it. So it does my heart good to see that Elevenis rallying on full steam ahead to produce a playable version of the game for everyone. You guys keep doing your thing.
    Meanwhile, there were no other beta things happening, and by “no other beta things” I mean “several other beta things.”
    We also have a full list of games past the break, and of course, we’d love to know if there’s a game on that list which shouldn’t be or one that jumped statuses without telling us. Games are sneaky, sneaky things.

    [​IMG]As always, we consider an MMO to be in open testing if it features free, public signups and will server wipe prior to launch. An MMO is marked in closed testing if it’s running a private test phase that cannot freely be accessed by the general public; it’s usually under NDA as well. Early access and crowdfunded MMOs whose tests we deem legitimate will be included. So-called “open beta” soft-launch MMOs with cash shops, no sign of launch in the west, or limited interest for our readers will not be listed.
    Albion Online: Founder alpha in progress
    Ascent: The Space Game: Steam early access
    Auto Club Revolution: Closed beta
    Beasts of Prey: Early access alpha
    Black Desert: Korean and Japanese open beta
    Camelot Unchained: Backer alpha
    Das Tal: Alpha expected in 2015
    DayZ: Early access
    Divergence Online: Alpha
    Dungeon Fighter Online: Open testing
    Earthrise: First Impact: Alpha but still alive
    Eleven: Closed alpha
    Eternal Crusade: Early access begins fall 2015
    EVE: Valkyrie: Pre-alpha registration for EVE and DUST players
    Ever, Jane: In testing; 2016 anticipated release
    Gloria Victis: Donor pre-alpha
    H1Z1: Paid early access
    HEX: Unofficial open beta
    Kingdom Online: Closed beta
    Landmark: Paid closed beta, cash shop active
    Life is Feudal: Early access beta
    Line of Defense: Early access
    MyDream: Closed testing open to donorsNosgoth: Open beta
    Oort Online: Donor alpha
    Origins of Malu: Combat module in early access
    Otherland: Second closed beta
    Pathfinder Online: Subscription “early enrollment”
    PlanetSide 2: PS4 beta
    Project Genom: Closed alpha
    Project Gorgon: Free, open testing
    Shadowrun Chronicles: Steam early access; launching in April
    Shards Online: Pre-alpha
    Shroud of the Avatar: Steam early access, backer testing
    Skyforge: Open beta/soft launch on July 16th
    SkySaga: Ongoing NA and UK alpha events
    Star Citizen: Backer pre-alpha
    Starriser: Taking beta signups
    Stash: Backer alpha
    The Repopulation: Early access/backer alpha, launching Q4 2015
    Tree of Life: Paid early access
    Tribal Wars 2: Open testing
    TUG: Steam early access alpha
    Valiance Online: Pre-alpha testing
    Venus Rising: Internal alpha (adult/NSFW)
    World of Warships: Open beta

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