Before I begin I'd ask that you keep your conspiracy theories, personal thoughts on preppers, or your devout faith that the government will save you from everything outside of this thread. The purpose of this thread was to layout what I have put together and to discuss tips, tricks, gear, and anything else relevant to disaster preparedness. I gathered a lot of gear recommendations and the like from here: http://tinhatranch.com/ultimate-bug-out-bag-content-list/#.VfBg2hHBzRa and http://www.shtfpreparedness.com/ I have always prepared for things like storms to an extent but being prepared with more specific gear is something I had planned for a while. It became clear to me that I needed to have supplies/gear for three different potential problems. Is it possible for us to be attacked by a foreign nation or even our own government? Completely possible, but improbable. The more common scenarios are serious natural disasters or a complete breakdown of infrastructure, maybe even due to the aforementioned natural disaster or economic strife. We in the U.S. have seen perfect examples of natural disasters or even freak mechanical failures like the one that caused the Eastern Seaboard Powergrid to blackout in 2004. Then you have major storms like Katrina. It was bad down in Louisiana. If you really want some perspective on that, you should read up on the complete breakdown of society and the terrible stuff that happened in New Orleans during that period. More recently was Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast. I had no power for eleven days and they weren't able to start really clearing the roads up here until nine days in or so. Keep in mind I am well inland from the coast. Hell we had people from the middle of New Jersey coming up to where i live(bout hour and a half north of NYC) for gas because of the shortage. I went off on a bit of a tangent and got more descriptive than necessary above, but looking at...
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Amazeballs Then a Q/A And then STREAMERS! LIVE FROM THE HUNGER DOME! Unfettered by the traditional non-disclosure agreements enforced by most games in the early stages of development, members of our pre-alpha community are already sharing their experiences live during playtests. Check out these Twitch channels for realtime Hunger Dome action! ARAWULF CHELVIE69 CHIEF_SARCAN KARSIS25 REALBLANKSPACE
I freely admit that I never actually played Glitch, but I was glad it existed and sad at the people who never even had the chance to play it. So it does my heart good to see that Elevenis rallying on full steam ahead to produce a playable version of the game for everyone. You guys keep doing your thing. Meanwhile, there were no other beta things happening, and by “no other beta things” I mean “several other beta things.”