People seem to get hung up on the fact that because the game mechanics resemble a shooter and we use mainly guns to do damage that its an TPS. It is an TPS, but it is an RPG first. Massive has essentially taken the traditional trinity you've been used to and placed it in a modern setting. We could argue about how detailed or shallow the system is but that isnt the point of this post. I came across an interesting video detailing some basic builds that will help our groups getting started initially. The video is detail heavy and lists out all aspects of each basic build.
I'm in the market for a new mechanical keyboard. It's my first one I'm looking to buy and I find the differences in switches/colors to be very overwhelming. This video helped break it down for me.
We wanted to re-address our viewers in a more calm and collected way to talk about Vaping and the actual side effects as well as what is going on in the regulation world! Clearly from the responses and comments, we see how strong and passionate your voices are and believe they can make a difference! This is a follow up to our last video that had an overwhelming response from the community: R.I.P. Trippers "Selling out the Vaping Community One Affiliate At A Time" We wanted to thank you all for the continued to support and we promise to keep this channel honest and true to why we started it. To help people make the switch from smoking to vaping in hopes that it truly is a better alternative to cigarettes! ****We cannot stress this enough if you are having adverse side effects Vape related or not please see a doctor. We as YouTuber's even if we have a degree in medicine cannot diagnose you over the internet.**** ----------------- Links mentioned in the video: NJ Senate Bill: Take action: A great resource for all news and FDA regulations and how you can take action: The video from RipTrippers that sparked it all: Riptrippers hipocritical video from 3 years ago: ----------------- About us: This is the continuation of bringing you on the journey of Vaping again for 2016. You can follow all videos and articles at: Instagram:
Login and Redeem this code [AGENTORIGINS] now at to unlock your 4 Free Division Agent Gear Sets inspired by this video series! Each gear set will give your in-game Division Agent a unique look and includes skills that will help you take back New York.
One of my favorite features of YouTube’s mobile apps is the ability to minimize a video to a thumbnail and continue watching it while searching for another clip. The YouTube Picture in Picture Chrome extension brings this same functionality to the desktop and it works like a charm. Once you’ve installed the extension, you can right-click any video on YouTube’s home page, channels or search results and begin watching it instantly in a small window by right-clicking it and choosing ‘Play Picture-in-Picture’. You can also increase the size of the active video, watch it on its own page or close it using the controls that show up when you hover over it. And of course, you can jump from one page to another while browsing while interrupting your chosen clip. The extension works very well, but I wish it would let me minimize a video from its own page to a thumbnail and begin searching YouTube, as I often do on my phone. If you’re like me and spend hours on end hunting for cool videos, this is a must-have for enhancing your YouTube experience. ➤ YouTube Picture in Picture (Beta) [Chrome Web Store]
The Vaping Experience Don't Vape me Bro!
Once again taking you on my vaping journey, but this time I brought friends. Meet Joe(CrakeCrake) from Today we talk about the Vaping Culture and the unexpected negativity and stigmas attached to it that I have experienced in my weeks back to vaping. But there are always good people out there and we talk about them too! This is meant to be listened to as a podcast with the visuals being a bonus. So feel free to throw it on in the background or watch. All up to you! ------------------ About us: This is the beginning of bringing you on the journey of Vaping again for 2016. You can follow all videos and articles at: Twitter: Instagram: Photography: Vendors if you would like to get your product recognized or if you have a product you would like me to review, you can contact me at
I used to run a website called where I covered the latest and greatest of Vaporizers and it had a huge following. But we evolved it into an even bigger community at Check it out for more info! One of the videos we made during that time was this: As well we did many photos with electronic cigarettes that you see all over the web: This is the beginning of bringing you on the journey of Vaping again for 2016. Here is my original post when I first found out about E-cigs in 2011
The derelict City of New Glasgow Chapter 1: A station in space After finishing the last assignment our group of mercenaries approaches the unknown derelict space station that they´ve found on the mission. From the look of the station it appears to be some sort of mining/research facility and the architecture suggest human design. Judging from the outside it hasn´t been used for ages and there are no signals that anybody on it is still alive that are immediately apparent. The first step will be getting on the space station. The main entrance appears to be open, but there might be better ways to get on the station. Rules: Write in first-person. If you think you can realistically do something (like Watson saying he wants to scan the station), there will be no roll. Feel free to do up to 3 tasks at a time. I will hopefully always be able to resolve your tasks while you are asleep (9-11AM GMT, which should be around midnight PST) If you have to talk with somebody or start a fight I will start a PM, and once we are done talking I will post the entire dialog here (tr1agetr1age might make a separate discord chat for that). If you want to say something out of character use ((text)) if you want your character to say something simply use "text" or 'text' source for picture:
Welcome to the first episode of Behind the Avatar!
Everyone has a story when it comes to why they game and I find those stories extremely interesting. But often we are hidden behind a nickname and avatar we chose for us in game. The whole point of this is to get an insight into the player... Behind the Avatar!
  • What got you into gaming?
  • Why do you play specific games?
  • Why do you game?
  • What does gaming mean to you?
  • How has gaming helped you in life?
  • And so much more!
This is like clicking a book of lore in a game to get more information about the characters in the world you run around in, but those characters are you! These are meant to be watched or listened to as a podcast. The visuals are there if you want them but it is also a great format for something to toss into your headphones and listen as you go! In this episode we interview MilleudaMilleuda and get some really amazing insight into his gaming life, not only as a gamer but as a gay gamer. Not that this makes it any more or less... anything... but his journey is very interesting and unique for those who have not experienced it. Link referenced in the video: We will be doing many more of these and we wanted to open this up to TAB members first, but welcome anyone to join the series! Come tell us your story and don't forget to let us know what you think of the new format! PM @r1age on the forums if you are interested in joining in!
Found these two episodes of Overwatch Mythbusters. They give some nice out of the box thinking to some of the characters. Can't wait for beta to come back next year!