I am Gyoin (Guy-Oh-Win). I've been around on the site since the GW2 days. Funny thing is, I had zero interest in GW2 when Tristan told me about the site, but was more excited about having a place to hang out with old gamer buddies. Then, as I do with all things, devoted more time and energy into this than anything else. And never really stopped! Basic info - Born and raised in NH, had an older sister, father worked a lot, mother worked at my school around 5th grade, and I've been working since 14. I've been shaving since 9. I've played basketball, baseball, football, wrestled, ran cross country... And also did drama club, choir, band, gaming club, and was captain/president of the chess club at one time. So yeah, I had a bit of a hodgepodge set of activities growing up. As most of you know, I have been with Caroline for a long time and we recently got married! I will also be ignoring any questions that will upset her, because y'know, happy wife happy life and all that jazz. So let the questions begin!
Hay ya’ll <3 I’m Jason (aka Milleuda, Milly, Millie, Miley if you are TopicTopic, or boo if you are dainjredainjre) and I’m a proud gaymer! I was born and raised in Houston, Texas but moved to Chicago about 2 years ago for my career. I work in pharmacy management but hope my future (rich) prince charming will save me from the working middle class so I can play video games all day long! There’s way too much for me to type in an intro (that’s why we use voice comms right?!). So instead I decided to draw my life for you! I’m looking forward to your questions, so AMA!
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